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1. Role of Zinc on Physical Properties of Sn-Sb-Cu Rapidly Solidified From Melt         

A.R. Lashin, M. Mossa, A. El-Bediwi, M. Kamal
Metal Physics Lab, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Mansoura 35516, Mansoura,

Abstract: Structure, electrical resistivity, hardness, elastic modulus and roughness of Sn-10%Sb-2%Cu-x%Zn [x = 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 wt%]. Rapidly solidified alloys have been investigated. Investigations have been made by using X-ray diffract meter, double bridge, Vickers hardness tester, the dynamic resonance technique and surface roughness tester. X-ray diffraction showed that, adding different amounts of zinc to the Sn-10%Sb-2%Cu changed its structural properties which affect all measured physical properties. Elastic modulus, hardness and electrical resistivity are increased by increasing the zinc content. Internal friction and roughness are varied. Our results showed that the Sn-10%Sb-2%Cu-1%Zn has better properties for bearing applications. 

[A.R. Lashin, M. Mossa, A. El-Bediwi, M. Kamal. Role of Zinc on Physical Properties of Sn-Sb-Cu Rapidly SolidifiedFrom Melt. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):1-5]. 1
Keywords: Bearing alloys, X-ray, electrical resistivity, mechanical properties

​​2. 􏰀β-galactosidase from Durian Seeds (Durio zibethinus) and its utilization in ice milk production

Mahmoud El-Hofi, Y. B. Youssef,*Wahed El-Desoki, **Reda A. Jalil and El-Sayed El-Tanboly
Dairy Science Department, National Research Center, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt.
*Dairy Science Department, Al-Azhar Univ., Agriculture Faculty, Assuet Branch, **Chamber of Food Industries, 1195 Cornish El-Nil, Beaulac, Cairo, Egypt.

Abstract: Durian fruit (Durio zibethinus) which planted especially in South-East Asia, may weight up to 30 kg, The fruits is used for eating when it reached the soft stage. Recently this plant has been planted in the Botanical Garden at Aswan, Egypt. Whereas, from preliminary experiments, it found several important enzymes in Dairy field such as β-galactosidase ( This enzyme was partially purified 2.16-fold with a total yield of 21.32% of the original activity by sequential use of ammonium sulfate precipitation and gel filtration through Sephadex G-100. d A progressive increase in activity of the purified enzyme was observed up to 60oC as incubation temperature, rapid it decrease in activity thereafter and the enzyme activity was linear with time at least up to 10 min reaction time, the maximum activity reached it after 20 min and still constant thereafter. An energy of activation of 3.04 Kcal/mole for the enzyme activity was derived from the Arrhenius plot of initial velocity (Vo) across a temperature ranging from 30 to 60oC. The Optimum pH was pH 3.0. The purified enzyme was susceptible to heat treatment as it started loosing activity above 40 oC when heated for 10 min. It lost about 50% its activity around 60oC and completely inactivated at 80oC. Michaelis-constant of (Km) values of 5.5mM and a maximum initial velocity (Vmax) of 0.9 mmoles/mg/min. A Molecular weight (MW) determination of ~122 kDa was estimated by gel filtration methods using a Sephadex G-100. Fe+++, Zn++ and Cu++ strongly inhibited the enzyme. However, Mg++, Ca++ and Mn++ inhibited negligibly. On the other hand the use of this enzyme in ice milk production was studied. Different concentration of the enzyme was added to fresh pasteurized milk. Results clear indicate that the addition of the enzyme to ice milk mixes increased the sweetness although the properties of body and texture and appearance of the resultant ice milk slightly decreased. 
[Mahmoud El-Hofi, Y. B. Youssef, Wahed El-Desoki, Reda A. Jalil and El-Sayed El-Tanboly. b-galactosidase from Durian Seeds (Durio zibethinus) and its utilization in ice milk production. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):6-12]. 2
Keywords: Durian fruit (Durio zibethinus), β-galactosidase, Isolation, Partial characterization, ice milk.​

 3. Genotoxic Effects Of Organophosphate Pesticide Phorate In Some Exotic Fishes Of  Kashmir

Farooq Ahmad1*, Maraj-ud-din Malik2, Zeenat Nisar2
1 Limnology and Fisheries Laboratory, Centre of research for Development, University of Kashmir-19006, India.
2P.G. Department of Zoology, University of Kashmir, 190006, India
*Corresponding author: Farooq Ahmad Ganai, Email:

Abstract: Genotoxic effects of phorate, a commonly used pesticide were evaluated in two exotic sub-species of fish, Cyprinus carpio L. (family Cyprinidae) namely Cyprinus carpio specularis and Cyprinus carpio communis using micronucleus test. Genotoxicity of said pesticide was confirmed by incidence of micronucleus in peripheral erythrocytes using three sub-lethal concentrations viz 0.2ppm, 0.4ppm and 0.6ppm of phorate after 24, 48 and 72 hours. All the three concentrations were able to induce micronuclei formation in erythrocytes of both fish species. However, after 48h and72h, a statistically significant increase was found in the frequency of micronuclei in peripheral erythrocytes of both fish species. The percentage of single micronuclei in Cyprinus carpio specularis (0.03 ± 0.01 in control) increased to 1.15 ± 0.32 from low to high concentrations after 24h and 2.74 ± 0.52 in longer exposures. In Cyprinus carpio communis somewhat similar results were observed with increase in percentage of single micronuclei (0.03 ± 0.01 in control) to 1.30 ± 0.23 at 24h from low to high concentration and this percentage continued to increase by 2.08 ± 0.31 and 2.91 ± 0.39 after 48 and 72 h respectively (Mann-Whitney U test; p< 0.05).
[Farooq Ahmad, Maraj-ud-din Malik, Zeenat Nisar. Genotoxic Effects Of Organophosphate Pesticide Phorate In Some Exotic Fishes Of Kashmir. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):13-17]. 3
Keywords: Micronucleus; Cyprinus; Phorate; Genotoxicity; Pesticide.​

4. Study on callogenesis and plant regeneration from leaf explants of Leuzea carthamoides
​Akhtar Zand1, Ali Reza Babaei1, Reza Omidbaigi1, Saeed Shahbazi2
Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
 Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding, Agricultural and Natural Resources Campus, University of Tehran

Abstract: Leuzea (Rhaponticum carthamoides) is a valuable medicinal plant from Asteraceae. The root and rhizomes are used for medicinal purposes, with the biological activity determined by phytoecdystone quantity, including ecdysterone. 20- hydroxy-Ecdison or Leuzine is the most important compound present in ecdysterone. Micropropagation could be a good alternative for the mass propagation of Leuzea carthamoides. To investigate the callogenesis of leaf explants, 12 different hormonal combinations including different concentrations of BA and 2, 4-D were studied. In this experiment, the explants were transferred to the Ms medium supplemented with 0.5 mg l-1 IAA and 0.5 mg l-1 BA 7 days after culture for regeneration. Then, after one month the percentages of callogenesis and the amount of produced callus were measured. For study shoot propagation, callus from H1, H2, H4, H5, H6, H8, H10, and H12 treatments were selected and were transferred to shoot propagation treatments.  The explant weight, leaf number, length of the greatest leaf, and plantlet height per explants were measured one month after transfer. The maximum callus production was obtained using 1 mg l-1 2, 4-D and 1.5 mg l-1 BA. The maximum weight and height of plantlets obtained at 0.5 mg l-1 IBA and 0.5 mg l-1 BA with 3.16 gram and 2.69 cm per explants, respectively. The highest leaf number per explant was observed at 0.5 mg l-1 IBA and 1 mg l-1 BA with 73.54 leaves. The maximum leaf length of explant observed at 0.5 mg l-1 IBA and 0.2 mg l-1 BA with 2.62 cm.
[Akhtar Zand, Ali Reza Babaei, Reza Omidbaigi, Saeed Shahbazi. Study on callogenesis and plant regeneration from leaf explants of Leuzea carthamoides. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):18-23]. 4
Keywords: Leuzea carthamoides, In vitro, Regeneration, callogenesis


5. Roylea cinerea (D. Don) Baillon: A Traditional Curative of Diabetes, its Cultivation Prospects in Srinagar Valley of Uttarakhand
Rakhi Rawat and D. P. Vashistha
Department of Botany & Microbiology, H N B Garhwal University (A central University), Srinagar-Garhwal, 246174 Uttarakhand, India.

Abstract: Roylea cinerea (D. Don) Baillon, is traditionally used for the cure of ailments such as fever, jaundice, skin disease, malaria and most prominently in diabetes. Present communication provides information on the herbal uses, phytochemical composition, and propagation behaviour of this plant. The plant is propagated both by seeds and vegetativly. The highest seed germination was observed in sandy soil, whereas the maximum vegetative propagation by stem cutting was observed in farmyard compost in spring season.
[Rakhi Rawat and D. P. Vashistha. Roylea cinerea (D. Don) Baillon: A Traditional Curative of Diabetes, its Cultivation Prospects in Srinagar Valley of Uttarakhand. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):24-27]. 5

Keywords: diabetes, propagation, Roylea cinerea, traditional cure

6. Estimation of genetic parameters and genetic trend for test day records of milk protein percentage trait in Holstein cows at first three lactations

Mohsen Khakian, Ebrahim Asadi
Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran,

Abstract: This study estimated variance-covariance components, heritability of milk protein percentage test day records as well as genetic correlation among them using Animal Model methodology. Data were from a farm Holstein cows of Esfahan State having their three first calving from years 1991-2009. During the first three lactations these test day records were 46125, 35480 and 23825 respectively. Genetic analysis carried out using WOMBAT 1(© Karin Meyer 2006–2010). Years-calving season (YS) factor was defied as fixed effect while effects of age at calving as covariate and direct additive genetic effect as random were used. Results show that the lowest and the highest amount of additive genetic variance were at the first and the second half of lactation, respectively and the lowest amount of residual variance were at the second half of lactation. Also, Heritability at the second half of first lactation was higher than the first part. Estimated heritability at the third lactation in the repeatability model was lower than other models. Estimated genetic trend for first, second and third lactation were ˗0.139, ˗0.147 and ˗0.160 respectively.
[Mohsen Khakian, Ebrahim Asadi. Estimation of genetic parameters and genetic trend for test day records of milk protein percentage trait in Holstein cows at first three lactations. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):28-34]. 6
Keywords: Variance-Covariance Components, Milk Protein Percentage, Lactation

7. Nucleotide variations of 16S rRNA gene of VacA positive Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from human Gastric Biopsies in Saudi Arabia

Milyani M. R.

Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Abstract: Three isolates of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) were originally isolated from gastric biopsies taken from patients complaining of gastric disorders in Makkah City, Saudi Arabia. The isolates that previously revealed to be vaculating cytotoxin A positive, were identified by 16S rRNA gene as H. pylori using a primer pair designed from the similar sequences within consensus regions of GenBank H. pylori to amplify the 163 bp fragment. Sequence alignments of 16S rRNA gene were performed and total numbers of 46, 55 and 40 nucleotide positional differences with base-pair substitutions were identified for these isolates compared to GenBank strains of H. pylori. Phylogenetic analyses based on 16S rRNA gene sequences showed that the three H. pylori strains formed a phylogenetically distinct group, separate from all other species of H. pylori. The three isolates were hence coined as H. pylori Milyani-1, -2 and -3 at GenBank database under the accession numbers HQ877021,HQ877022 and HQ877023, respectively. The obtained results evidently indicated a large diversity with unique characteristics of the three Saudi H. pylori strains from all the other established strains.
[Milyani M. R. Nucleotide variations of 16S rRNA gene of VacA positive Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from human Gastric Biopsies in Saudi Arabia. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):35-42]. 7
Keywords: Accessions HQ877021, HQ877022 and HQ877023, Helicobacter pylori, isolates, 16S rRNA gene, variations.

8. Viability model and effect of two drying procedures on seed longevity of Secale montanum seeds

Marzieh Dehghan, Farzad Sharif-Zadeh
Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding, Crop and Animal Science College, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran,

Abstract: This experiment was conducted to evaluate the ability of the Ellis and Roberts seed deterioration model to predict the longevity of Secale montanum seeds under different storage conditions. Seed lots used in this investigation were dried in two different methods including sun and shade drying, immediately after harvest. The seed moisture content of both seed lots was adjusted to 11, 13 and 15% by humidification above water in a closed container at 20OC. After equilibrium had been achieved for 3 days at 5 OC in a sealed container, seed moisture content was determined. In each seed lot and moisture level, sub samples of about 200 seeds were sealed hermetically in aluminum packets. Storage temperatures were 25, 35 and 45. The interval of sampling depended on the storage conditions. Seed survival curves were then fitted to the observations by probit analysis. In each seed lot dried seed survival curves conformed to cumulative negative normal distributions and the results showed that survival curves could be constrained to a common origin. The results of this research showed that the standard deviation of the subsequent survival curves was unaffected by drying treatments. Seed viability constants to predict seed longevity in this species was estimated.
[Marzieh Dehghan, Farzad Sharif-Zadeh. Viability model and effect of two drying procedures on seed longevity of Secale montanum seeds. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):43-48]. 8
Keywords: drying, Secale montanum, seed longevity, seed viability constants, viability model

9. A study of obesity causes and its prevalence among faculty members and university staffs and presentation of different strategies to control it

Karim Saleh-Zadeh 1, Dariuosh Marefat 2
1. Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Tarbiat Moallem University, Tabriz, Iran
2. Maraghe University, Maraghe, Iran

Abstract: As obesity is produced due to inheritance and environmental factors, in this research, we have been studied the effects of physical activities, and inheritance to increase or reduce obesity. In a case study conducted among 256 faculty members and staffs of Islamic Azad University of Maraghe town in Iran, 155 individuals were selected by simple random sampling method. The subjects of the study were asked to fill out the questionnaires while their under skinned fat was being measured. The results are 1) there is no significant relationship between the rate of obesity and physical activity of university staffs and faculty members. 2) There is no significant relationship between the rate of obesity and nutrition among university staffs and faculty members. 3) There is a significant relationship between the rate of obesity and inheritance among university staffs and faculty members. 4) There is a significant relationship between the rate of obesity and the above mentioned three factors among university staffs and faculty members. 5) There is no significant relationship between the rate of obesity and age among university staffs and faculty members.
[Karim Saleh-Zadeh, Dariuosh Marefat. A study of obesity causes and its prevalence among faculty members and university staffs and presentation of different strategies to control it. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):49-54]. 9
Keywords: Obesity; physical activity; nutrition; inheritance; age

10. Bacterial Population in Narmada River flowing from Omkareshwar to Badwani

Shailendra Sharma, Taniya Sengupta, Kapil Sunar
Department of Biotechnology, Shri Umiya Girls College, Mandleswar, (M.P.) India.

Abstract: A study was conducted with the objectives to isolate and identify the bacterial population in the water of the Narmada River. Samples were collected from six stations. The confluences of Narmada form the major outlets of domestic sewage and industrial effluents into the water. The presence of large numbers of Gram negative bacteria within the water is a matter of concern. The present finding indicates the urgency of detailed investigations on the aspects, especially with reference to pathogenic organisms. The paper discusses these aspects in detail.
[Shailendra Sharma, Taniya Sengupta, Kapil Sunar. Bacterial Population in Narmada River flowing from Omkareshwar to Badwani. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):55-57]. 10
Keywords: Narmada River, Bacterial flora, Biochemical identification

11. Poverty and Vulnerability in Rural South West Nigeria.

A.O Adepoju * And S.A Yusuf *
* Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

1Corresponding author’s e-mail:, Tel: +234-805-543-0095

Abstract: The near failure of various programmes and strategies by successive governments in Nigeria has been linked to the improper diagnosis of poverty as a static concept. There are growing concerns that poverty is not reducing due to the lack of understanding of its dynamic nature and vulnerability to poverty. This study investigates poverty and vulnerability to poverty in rural South-West Nigeria (SWN). Primary data were collected from 582 rural households in a two-wave panel survey (harvesting and lean periods) employing a multi-stage sampling technique. Poverty lines of N3313.57 and N4093.21 were estimated for the two periods respectively. Based on these, the incidence of poverty was 35.0% and 43.6 % for the first and second periods. At the standard vulnerability threshold of 0.5, 55.7% of rural households in SWN were vulnerable to poverty. A unit increase in household size and dependency ratio aggravated vulnerability by 0.05 and 1.28, while attainment of secondary and tertiary education reduced vulnerability by 0.14 and 0.23 respectively (P<0.01). Vulnerability also translated into significantly (P<0.01) higher poverty by increasing the ex-post probability of becoming poor by 0.34. However, there were some factors related with vulnerability but not poverty and some related to poverty but not vulnerability. The study therefore suggests that poverty alleviation programs must focus on those factors which aggravate poverty and vulnerability and employ several specialized approaches to tackle these multifarious problems.
[A.O Adepoju And S.A Yusuf. Poverty and Vulnerability in Rural South West Nigeria. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):58-64]. 11
Keywords: Poverty; Vulnerability; Rural; South West Nigeria

12. The Study of Nursing Educational Approach on Psychological effect among Chinese Diploma Nursing Students
              Wang Jingjing, Pan Ling, Liu Guiping, Zhang Xiaoqing
School of Nursing, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, Henan 450052, China

Abstract: Objective: To examine the effect of mental illness knowledge education on changing public stigma through school taught course among Chinese diploma nursing students. Methods: 130 second-year diploma nursing students who would learn the Psychiatric Nursing course were recruited. Outcomes were changes in attitudes (using the Stigma Subscale), and behaviors (using the Social Distance Scale, the Acceptance Subscale, and the Questionnaire of Willingness to Deliver Nursing Services to People with Mental Illness), immediately after the course study. Results: For all the participants, there was no statistically significant difference of stigmatizing attitudes after the course study. The post-test of acceptance, social distance, and willingness to deliver nursing services were better than pre-test. Conclusions: The mental illness knowledge education can promote diploma nursing students to accept people with mental illness, reduce social distance with them, as well as willingness to deliver nursing services to them. But it failed to make any change in students’ stigmatizing attitudes toward people with mental illness in our study. The findings imply that nursing educators should explore more effective teaching strategies to promote students’ positive attitudes toward mental health. 
[Wang Jingjing, Pan Ling, Liu Guiping, Zhang Xiaoqing. Effects of Educational Approach in Changing Public Stigma Related to Mental Illness among Chinese Diploma Nursing Students. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):65-69]. 12
Keywords: Public Stigma; nursing education; psychiatric nursing; diploma nursing students

13. Survey of the Necessary Manpower for the Hospitals of Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences in According with Personnel Standards and Criteria of Ministry of Health and Medical Education
             Sara RekabEslamizadeh, Zaleha Md Isa
Department of Community Health, National University of Malaysia, Cheras, Kuala lumpur, 55000, Malaysia

Abstract: Healthcare workers planning must be as the main part of health sector planning. Manpower is considered as the most important part of hospital fund and resources. It lack and surplus can effect on quality of patients care. This study accomplished to estimation of the necessary manpower for the mentioned Hospitals in Accordance with the Personnel Criteria and Standards of the Ministry of Health to compare it with existing status and calculation of organizational dislocation. This research is a cross sectional study which carried out in the teaching Hospitals of Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences (Emam Khomeini and Razi Hospitals). Questionnaire was used and it was referred to different wards of the mentioned hospitals and medicine assistance office of university is used for gathering data. Results obtained from the estimations and comparing them with existing state shows: In Razi Hospital: only 2 wards out of 25 different wards of hospitals; that is, 8 percent of manpower were matched to Ministry of Health standard and 4 wards; that is, 16 percent of manpower were higher than standard and other wards; that is, 19 wards of were in lower standard; that is, 76 percent of the whole. Dislocation percent is 4.16 in this hospital. In Emam khomeini Hospital: only 2 wards out of 37 different wards of hospitals; that is, 5.40 percent of manpower were matched to Ministry of Health standard and 5 wards; that is, 13.51 percent of manpower were higher than standard and other wards; that is, 30 wards of were in lower standard; that is, 81.08 percent of the whole. Dislocation percent is 4.16 in this hospital. Planning in relation to compensating lack of personnel and achieving hospitals manpower to standard level of personnel, providing an adequate education program for heads of wards in relation to the management and proper planning of manpower in hospital wards would lead to an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of hospitals activities.
[Sara RekabEslamizadeh, Zaleha Md Isa. Survey of the Necessary Manpower for the Hospitals of Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences in According with Personnel Standards and Criteria of Ministry of Health and Medical Education.Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1): 70-74]. 13
Keywords: management; planning; manpower; Standard; organizational dislocation

14. The Effective of Cognitive Behavioral Counseling on Degree of Women with Sexual DYSFUNCTION

Peimaneh Nemati
The PhD student of National Academy Science University, Yerevan, Armenia.

Abstract: The prevalence of female sexual dysfunction is high. According to published epidemiological studies, approximately 40% of adult women have at least one sexual dysfunction, it is complex and affected by physical, psychological and social factors. There are different methods for treatment. Cognitive behavioral counseling is as a psychological therapy; in cognitive therapy, counselors consider the cognitive processing of information, more important than physiologic factors; negative thought about sexual activities will worsen and prolong the symptoms. Therefore discovering those negative self-inductions will help to successfully analyze the sexual disorders. The goal of the present research is to study the effect of cognitive-behavioral counseling on the level of women sexual dysfunction. Method and Materials: Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) during 8 individual weekly sessions and 4 group therapy weekly sessions used for subjects group and it focused on cognitive restructuring, modification of cognitive distortions and training of behavioral techniques. Golombok-Rust sexual satisfaction questionnaire was used as the pre-test and post- test for subject group, and Chi-Square test together with T-test were used to analyze the data. Data analysis showed that the cognitive behavior therapy has significantly effect on reduction of sexual dysfunction. The mean scores of sexual dysfunction in post-test of subject group was significantly lower than mean scores in pre-test Conclusion: Cognitive counseling as a therapeutic method can have a significant role in improvement of women suffering from sexual dysfunction.
[Peimaneh Nemati. The Effective of Cognitive Behavioral Counseling on Degree of Women with Sexual DYSFUNCTION.Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1): 75-79]. 14
Keyword: Sexual Dysfunction, Cognitive Behavior Counseling, Women

15. Surgical management of Brown Tumor of the Mandible Associated with Ectopic Primary Hyperparathyroidism
             Basma G Moussa*, Ashraf Helal**
*Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University.
Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
Corresponding Author:

Abstract: Brown tumors are considered one of the most pathognomonic skeletal changes that accompany primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). It results from excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone (parathormone or PTH). The mandible is the most involved facial bone by brown tumor. Ectopic located parathyroid adenoma is uncommon, and thus, its diagnosis and management can sometimes be challenging. Difficulties in locating the mediastinum ectopic parathyroid adenoma may delay the diagnosis and subsequent surgery. A case of brown tumor of the mandible associated with ectopic mediastinum PHPT was reported. The tumor had caused facial asymmetry, open bite and bleeding. Laboratory tests revealed that the patient had hyperparathyroidism. Histopathological examination from the lesion revealed the presence of a giant cell tumor. Diagnostic imaging including the utility of 99mc Tc- sestamibi parathyroid scan denoted the presence of an ectopicmediastinum parathyroid adenoma. Parathyroidectomy and surgical removal of the brown tumor performed. Early diagnosis and successful treatment of PHPT have made clinical evidence of bone disease uncommon. Surgical removal of brown tumor of the mandible should be considered if the mass of serious facial deformity, lethal outcome and if the mass does not regress after parathyroidectomy. Finally the need to consider hyperparathyroidism (HPT) in the initial differential diagnosis of bony lesions of the jaw especially cases with histopathological features of giant cell tumor.
[Basma G Moussa, Ashraf Helal. Surgical management of Brown Tumor of the Mandible Associated with Ectopic Primary Hyperparathyroidism. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1):80-87]. 15
Keywords: Mandibular brown tumor, ectopic mediastinum parathyroid adenoma, primary hyperparathyroidism, sestamibi scintigraphy, parathyroidectomy.

16. Emotional Intelligence in Nursing Students

Maasoumeh Barkhordari 1, Parisa Rostambeygi 2

1. Instructor, MSc of Nursing, Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch, Department of Nursing, Yazd, Iran
2. Instructor, MSc of Nursing, Islamic Azad University, Istahban Branch, Department of Nursing, shiraz, Iran

Abstract: Introduction: Emotion is fundamental to nursing practice and Emotional intelligence is considered as an important characteristic for nurses that impact the quality of student learning، clinical decision-making، critical thinking، evidence and knowledge use in practice. The aim of this research was to assess and Comparison of emotional intelligence between Freshman and Senior baccalaureate nursing students of Islamic Azad University of Yazd Materials and Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was performed on a sample of 87 freshmen and senior of baccalaureate nursing students of Islamic Azad University of Yazd. Data was collected with questionnaire، the questionnaire consisted of two parts: demographic characteristics and the BarOn emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i). Data was analyzed by SPSS software using descriptive statistics and inferential (T-test)، and ANOVA). Results: The mean and standard deviation of emotional intelligence total score the mean and standard deviation in freshmen، was 282.37±27.93 and in senior students was 289.64±21.13. There was no significant difference between the freshmen and senior students' score patterns. Conclusion: The findings showed that there was no significant difference between the freshmen and senior students' score. However، EI needs to be explicit within nursing education and nursing education must provide a learning environment that emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence by nurturing and facilitating the development of this qualities.
[Maasoumeh Barkhordari, Parisa Rostambeygi. Emotional Intelligence in Nursing Students. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1): 88-92]. 16
Keywords: Intelligence- Emotion- Emotional Intelligence- nursing students

17. A survey on the relation between social support and mental health in students shahid rajaee university 
             N. Tahmasbipoura
Shahid Rajaee University, Shahid Shabanloo Avenue, Tehran 1678815811, 2. Department of Botany,

Abstract: This study sought the relationship between social support, mental health and demographic factors in new students of shahid rajaee University (2010-11). This cross-sectional descriptive study enrolled 1242 university students. Subjects were General Health Questionnaire-12 and social support scale. Statistical analysis was performed by chi-square, Regression and two sample t-tests. This study showed that there was significance relationship between social support and mental health (PV<0.001). Students with high social support had high mental health. Social support and mental health have significant and positive relationship. Change policies aimed at quality and quantity of supportive networks, especially for vulnerable students can strengthen the protective effect of social support.
[N. Tahmasbipoura. A survey on the relation between social support and mental health in students shahid rajaee university. Biomedicine and Nursing 2015;1(1): 93-96]. 17
Keywords: General Health Questionnaire, Social Support, Mental Health

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